Tips: Professional Writing Concentration

Should I select Professional Writing as a concentration or as a minor?

If you are an English major, you may select Professional Writing as your concentration; if you are a non-English major, you may select Professional Writing as your minor.

What are the requirements for a concentration?

You will need to complete 18 hours for a concentration in Professional Writing (see program of study).

What are the requirements for a minor?

You will need to complete 18 hours for a minor in Professional Writing (see English minor program of study).

What are the required courses in Professional Writing for concentrators?

The required courses are: ENG 3090: Introduction to Professional Writing (prerequisite), ENG 3700: Technical Writing (WID course), ENG 4300: Seminar in Professional Writing (capstone), and ENG 4900: Internship in Writing and Editing.

What are the elective courses in Professional Writing for concentrators?

The elective courses are: ENG 3100: Business Writing, ENG 3120: Writing and Law, ENG 4100: Writing for the Web, and ENG 4200: Editing. Students are also encouraged to take ENG 3300: Applied Grammar.

Can I complete an Honor's Thesis in Professional Writing?

Yes, you can.

Is an internship required for those concentrating or minoring in Professional Writing?

Yes, an internship (ENG 4900) is required for all concentrators and minors in Professional Writing and can be completed any semester: spring, summer, or fall.

When can I take an internship?

You will preferably take your internship your senior year.

Can I take more than one internship?

You may earn up to six hours credit for your internship, which means you could take a three-hour internship at one site and a three-hour internship at another site, or even take a six-hour internship at the same site. The minimum requirement is a three-hour internship at one site.

How do I find an internship?

You will meet with the Internship Director, Dr. Wendy Winn, to discuss your interests and options at the end of your junior year or the beginning of your senior year. You may choose to apply for an internship in Boone with one of our previously established sites, locate one on your own in Boone, or locate one at another geographic location. Securing an internship is not automatic; rather you will apply for one just as you would apply for a job. In addition, Dr. Winn needs to speak with all potential site supervisors to ensure that they agree to the terms followed by all site supervisors.

When do I need to meet with the Internship Director about a possible internship?

The earlier in the semester you meet with Dr. Winn, the better. Registration for internships occurs the semester prior, so registration for spring internships is completed fall semester and registration for summer and fall internships is completed spring semester.

Can I register for an internship online?

Registration for an internship requires a contract be signed by the intern and the site supervisor and is accompanied by a list of agreed upon goals and objectives. As a result, Dr. Winn enters all internship information into the system for registration to be complete.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to review the Internship Handbook and/or contact Dr. Winn directly (