Tips: B.S. English Education

1. Students have a set of guidelines from the College of Education (COE) as well as the Dept. of English. Students and advisors should be careful to look at the departmental check sheet to make certain students are taking the required COE courses as well as required English courses. Note that some courses have a prerequisite. Checksheets may be found here.

2. Students must APPLY to the COE before being admitted to the Teacher Ed program. Please explore As part of this application process they must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Students must take and satisfy testing requirements for Reading, Writing, and Math areas of the PRAXIS I.
  • Students must also satisfy proficiencies in Reading, English and Speech. Reading and English are satisfied with a grade of "C" or better in ENG (or RC)1000 (unless they tested out of 1000). Students must make an appointment in the COE for the speech test. They will not be admitted until this is complete. Sometimes the appointments are backed up so they should do this as soon as they are eligible to apply to COE.
  • Students must have a 2.7 GPA to be admitted to the COE.
  • Students must take CI 2300 and FDN 2400 before applying to COE.
  • Students must make a "C" in all COE courses.
  • Students cannot take RE 4620 until they are accepted into the COE.

3. ENG 2030/2040 and/or 2130 may be used both for the major and for Gen Ed Perspectives.

4. ENG 3300 must either be taken with or before ENG 3580.

5. A senior restriction is in place for ENG 4560. If needed, this restriction can be removed so that students can take Adolescent Lit before their senior year. Contact professor.

6. Students may not take ENG 4591 until the semester before they student teach. ENG 3900 (the internship) is taken with 4591 the semester before student teaching.

7. Students must apply for Student Teaching. This generally happens the year before they student teach. Deadlines for applying for student teaching are (approximately) November 15, for Fall semester and April 15, for Spring semester. They must also attend informational sessions about student teaching that are offered the semester before student teaching.

8. Students must take PRAXIS II either before student teaching or during student teaching. They may take it more than one time, although it costs to take it.

9. Even if a student is advised in another area (for instance, if they have a double major) they must also be advised in English!

Checksheets can be found here.