Tips: Creative Writing Concentration

  1. Students should take only one creative writing course per semester.

  2. Students should take ENG 3300 Applied Grammar and the Studies in Poetry/Fiction/or Drama course as early as possible.

  3. ENG 3662 Advanced Fiction and ENG 3661 Advanced Poetry may be retaken for credit with a different instructor.

  4. ENG 4550 Senior Seminar in Creative Writing and ENG 4815 Rivers-Coffey Colloquium may also be retaken for credit.

  5. IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not have to be a senior or in the creative writing concentration to take 4000-level creative writing courses. You only need to have taken the pre-requisite. If you have any trouble registering, please check with the English Office. If you are a Creative Writing Concentration Senior only, these courses will count for the Capstone requirement in English.

  6. Be sure to check specific topics, genres, course descriptions, and pre-requisites for all 4550 (Senior Seminar in Creative Writing ) and 4815 Rivers-Coffey Colloquium before registering. Many have specific pre-requisites that cannot be entered into the registration system but will be used to determine eligibility for the course.

  7. Most students take one of the creative writing capstone options. However, if you are a Creative Writing Concentration Senior, you may take ANY English literature Capstone to meet the Capstone requirement--you will just need a memo from Dr. Wahpeconiah to have it count as your Capstone.

  8. Check the Summer School schedule for possible summer creative writing concentration options.

  9. Please note that Literary Journalism is taught only in Fall semesters. Studies in Short Story and Studies in Poetry are offered only in Fall; Studies in Drama is offered only in Spring semester.