FAQ about the pre-registration advising session

Do I need to see an advisor every semester?

Yes! This is a requirement of the university and the English department.

What if I don't see my advisor?

You won't be able to register. You need to consult with your advisor in order to receive your registration code (PIN). You can't register without a PIN. So see your advisor!

How will I know when it's time to see my advisor?

Both the Director of Undergraduate Studies and your advisor will email you to let you know that pre-registration advising is about to begin. Your advisor will tell you how they would like you to sign up for an appointment.

What should I do to prepare for my advising session?

Before an advising session, students should:

  • Look at DegreeWorks (http://dw.appstate.edu) to see what requirements you still have to fulfill in Gen Ed, foreign languages, your major and your minor. Remember, you will probably need to take electives outside of the major to get the 122 semester hours required for graduation. You also will need a 2.0 GPA in your major courses, including your language courses. In addition to DegreeWorks, the following links to programs of study (checksheets) will help you:
  • Consult the descriptions of English Department courses to be offered the upcoming semester (available in the English Department Office and on the Department website). Know which of these courses you'd like to take, which will fit your schedule, and which you need to fulfill requirements.
  • If you've not yet declared a minor, come to your advising session prepared to discuss your inclinations.
  • Make a list of any special concerns and circumstances (the danger of academic probation, incompletes still possible to finish; a return to school under the University's forgiveness policy; the need to repeat a course for a better grade, etc.)
  • Bring a wish list of things you'd like to do before you graduate (an internship, international study experience, double major, etc.)

Can I talk with my advisor about personal concerns?

Your advisor is there for you! If you are having a problem, especially if it might be affecting your academic performance, you should let your advisor know. While English faculty are not counselors, they may be able to help you take steps to address your problem. Certainly they should be able to direct you to another appropriate professional who will be able to try and help you with whatever is going on. And remember, if you are having a problem, you don't need to wait to see your advisor. You can always go to the Counseling Center which has daily, (and free!) walk-in hours. Check out http://counseling.appstate.edu

Can I ask my advisor questions about graduate school?

Absolutely! Your advisor can help you think through further educational options, in English or otherwise, and help you through the application process for grad school. Don't forget about our own M.A. program in English and our own Accelerated Master's (4+1) program that permits undergraduates who are doing well in their classes to take graduate courses as well, and thereby earn both the Bachelors and Masters degrees in English in 5 years.

Can I talk with my advisor about internships and/or careers?

Certainly! And the sooner the better! You can also get internship advice at any time at http://internships.appstate.edu. And you can get career advice and information at any time at http://careers.appstate.edu.