FAQ about advisors

How do I get an advisor in English? When do I stop seeing my General Education advisor? What is the difference?

When you fill out the paperwork to declare an English major, your file will be sent to the English office and the Director of Undergraduate Studies (Dr. Germán Campos-Muñoz) will assign you an advisor. You will have the new advisor by one or two weeks prior to the next pre-registration period. If you need advice prior to being officially assigned an English advisor, you should email Dr. Germán Campos-Muñoz. Once you declare your major, you will no longer see your General Education advisor. General Education Advisors are staff who are trained to help you plan the first two years (or so) of your time here. They can help you with general questions and problems. Major advisors are faculty who are intimately familiar with English classes, grad schools, and careers for English majors. They can help you with the more specialized questions you will have once you declare a major.

Can I request a particular advisor?

Students may self-select a faculty advisor, but only with the faculty member's permission. Notify the Director of Undergraduate Studies if you make a personal arrangement with a faculty advisor. Otherwise, an appropriate faculty advisor will be assigned to you.

How do I know who my English advisor is?

Usually, a current advisor roster is posted outside the English department. But you can always look it up on DegreeWorks. http://dw.appstate.edu

What if my advisor teaches in a different concentration than the one I have declared?

All our advisors know how to advise in all the concentrations. However, if you ever have a specialized question your advisor can't answer, one of the professors who teaches courses in the relevant concentration will be happy to help.

Will I keep the same advisor until I graduate?

It depends. We try to keep students with the same advisor for as long as possible but advisees may be reassigned for various reasons, including faculty going on leave or taking on special duties.

Can I change my advisor?

Students may change advisors with no questions asked at any time during their enrollment. Email Dr. Germán Campos-Muñoz if you wish to change your advisor.

What if my advisor is away this semester?

You'll be assigned to a different advisor. You may or may not be switched back, although we will try to honor your request if you make one.

How do I find out where my teacher/advisor's office is and what their office hours are?

This information is posted outside the English office by the second week or so of the semester.

If I've changed majors in the middle of the semester, when do I meet my English advisor?

You'll meet your English advisor about a week or two prior to pre-registration for the following semester.

I am a double major. How does this affect advising?

Double majors are assigned an advisor for each major. You should set up an advising appointment with EACH advisor every semester to make sure you are meeting all requirements and will graduate on time. Please note that your PIN for registration will be sent to the department that you have listed as your first major.

What if I have an advising question in the summer?

Email your advisor. If they don't respond within a week or two, email the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Germán Campos-Muñoz.