The English Department has a number of scholarships that support and recognize the academic achievement of English majors. The recipients of the academic scholarships and awards are determined by a committee consisting of two English Department faculty members (elected yearly to one-year terms) and the department chair. Financial need, when relevant, is determined with the assistance of the Financial Aid Office on campus. Finalists for the creative writing scholarships are selected by a faculty committee, and the winners are chosen by a prominent creative writer outside of the department. The amount of each scholarship depends on investment performance and other conditions. In recent years each scholarship has been at least $500. In most cases, students need to be registered full-time during the period of the award.

With the exception of the Coe and West creative writing scholarships, which are awarded in the spring after a fall competition, and the Hilton award, which is awarded in the spring after fall grades are in, the competition for these scholarships takes place during the spring semester, and awards are paid to students' accounts for the following fall and spring semesters (or fall semester only if a student is graduating the next fall). Announcements about most of the scholarships normally are made in February, and the scholarship winners are chosen by the end of March. Competition for the Capote scholarship normally begins in late March, with winners decided at the end of the semester.

Questions about scholarships and awards may be addressed to Tammy Wahpeconiah, Assistant Chair, Department of English, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC 28608--telephone number 828-262-3098 or via e-mail: Application forms are available above and in the English Department office (200 Sanford Hall) after scholarship competitions have been announced.

Scholarship News! 
Sierra Cullars of Claremont, N.C., a rising junior majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing, has been awarded the 2018-19 Truman Capote Literary Trust Scholarship for Creative Writing. Leah Wingenroth of Kill Devil Hills, N.C., a rising senior double majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing and gender, women's and sexuality studies, has been named this year’s runner-up.

Scholarships by Application (for full information, see file attachments below)

The English Department Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by donations from faculty members and others, principally as a way of honoring deceased relatives and retired or deceased former faculty members. A student must be a rising junior or senior English major at Appalachian State University to be eligible. This scholarship is open both to nominations and applications, and the awarding of it is based on academic achievement and promise. Financial need may be considered in awarding this scholarship.

Nothing prevents a student from applying for this award, or receiving a nomination for it, a second time, provided the conditions given above are met.

The Ella Thompson Hobbs Endowed Scholarship for English Majors

Ella Thompson Hobbs, an alumna of Appalachian State University, has established this largest single fund from which several yearly awards are made in the Department of English. To be eligible, students must be rising junior or senior English majors who demonstrate satisfactory academic achievement (3.0 overall grade point average). Financial need will be an important consideration in awarding these scholarships.

The number of scholarships awarded may vary, depending on the number, quality, and financial circumstances of the applicants. A student may apply for one of these scholarships a second or third time, provided that all conditions given above can be met.

The Kate Peterson Scholarship for English

Katie Jane Peterson taught at Appalachian High School, the laboratory school for Appalachian State University (known then as Appalachian State Teachers College) from 1958-1965 where she taught English. When the county schools consolidated in 1965, she became a faculty member at Watauga High School where she taught and chaired the English department until her retirement in 1975.This scholarship is open to any student majoring in English.

The Mary Montgomery Dunlap Scholarship in English

This scholarship is named in honor of Mary Dunlap, a long-time English department faculty member. It is open to both applications and nominations. Applicants must be rising juniors or seniors or graduate students majoring in English, with a need for financial support and with satisfactory academic achievement as demonstrated by a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Dr. Hans G. Heymann Scholarship for English "Honor" Students

Applicants must demonstrate and maintain satisfactory academic potential and/or achievement, be a rising junior or senior, be a declared English major and enrolled in the honors program.

The Jeffrey Kermit Lowe Memorial Scholarship for English Majors

The Jeffrey Kermit Lowe Memorial Scholarship for English Majors supports incoming freshmen who intend to major in English at Appalachian State University. Scholarship applications must be received by January 1, and scholarship winners will be notified before January 15. To receive the scholarship, the student must enroll at Appalachian State University on or before May 1.

The Rogers and Janice Whitener Creative Writing Scholarship

This scholarship is named for Rogers and Janice Whitener, who were notable for their support of students and of the arts during their years at Appalachian.

The Whitener Scholarship will be awarded in the Fall semester for the Spring semester to students enrolled in the English/Creative Writing concentration. Applications and creative writing faculty nominations will be accepted through November 15 each year. The criteria will be financial need, a B plus or higher average in Creative Writing concentration courses (including the literary genre and Applied Grammar courses), and active good citizenship in courses and the creative writing program. Self-nominating students may submit a paragraph detailing financial need and their citizenship (contributions to class climate, peers, and participation in program-related activities), along with a list of creative writing concentration courses and grades. (We will double check this for finalists.) Verbal or written nominations may be made by any full or part-time faculty member teaching creative writing courses; the award decision will be made by full time tenure-track creative writing faculty and approved by the Department Chair. Financial need will not be documented but will be based on the student's statement; students may be invited to elaborate on need in response to self or faculty nomination, if needed.

Memorial Scholarships

The Jeni Gray Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors a young woman who several years ago was seized while walking in Boone on a Sunday morning. She was murdered just a few miles from campus. (The Awareness Walk that occurs each fall is also partly in memory of Ms. Gray.) Ms. Gray graduated here with a degree in English and was an ASU employee at the time of her death. This award goes to an undergraduate English major who, in the words of the document establishing this fund, exhibits "exceptional integrity and distinguished academic achievement." Financial need and an interest in journalism also may be taken into consideration. This scholarship is open to both applications and nominations.

The Mary Willis Shore Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is for English majors with a need for financial support and with satisfactory academic achievement as demonstrated by a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Scholarships by Nomination

The Graydon and Daisy Eggers Scholarship for English Majors (Nominations Only)

Consideration for this scholarship, named in honor of two longtime English Department faculty members, requires nomination of the student by one or members of the English Department faculty. To be eligible, a student must also be a rising senior English major or a graduating senior English major who intends to enter graduate studies in English at Appalachian State University. The student must have at least a 3.0 overall grade point average and at least a 3.5 grade point average in English. Financial need may also be a consideration in awarding this scholarship. A student may be nominated a second time, if the conditions given above can be met.

The Cratis Williams English Scholarship (Nominations Only)

This award is named after a former English professor and Dean of the Graduate School that now bears his name. A student must be nominated for this award by a faculty member from the English Department and must also be either a rising junior, a rising senior, or a current senior who plans to enroll for graduate work in English. Candidates will be judged "on the basis of promise and possible need," and, according to Dr. Williams' good-humored remark, "Moral or good character should not be weighed in the criteria" (words in the guidelines establishing this scholarship).

Students are eligible to receive this award more than once, provided all the conditions mentioned above can be met.

Scholarships for Highest GPA

The Loyd Hilton Endowed Award for Excellence in English

This award is named for the former chair of the English Department, who with his wife Sue served this department and university for more than twenty years. The award goes to the senior English major with the highest grade point average in English coursework. The award is determined in the fall and awarded in the spring term each year. In the event of a tie, overall grade point average in all coursework will be considered. All English majors are considered for this award, if they are seniors (with at least 90 semester hours successfully completed).

Scholarships for Study Abroad

Henree Rupp Study Abroad Scholarship for the English Department

Applicants must be enrolled in an English Department Study Abroad program. Criteria shall include merit, promise, and financial need. The study abroad program may be for summer study, ISEP, or a sponsored exchange with a foreign university for a semester or a year.

Scholarships for Creative Writing

The Truman Capote Literary Trust Scholarship for Creative Writing

The winner of the 2017-18 Truman Capote Scholarship for Creative Writing (prose) is Madelyn Kittle.

Please see the most recent guidelines flyer posted at the bottom of the page for guidelines, current genre, and scholarship amount.

This scholarship is supported by the Truman Capote Literary Trust Fund. The scholarship is awarded to the rising junior or senior Appalachian State University English major whose submissions of prose (fiction, creative non-fiction, or play) or poetry are judged to be the most outstanding works submitted to the creative writing competition named after Truman Capote and endowed by the late author's estate. The winning student must complete a sequence of creative writing courses leading to a Concentration in Creative Writing as part of a B.A. degree in English. Details of this yearly contest are posted in early February, while submission deadlines fall in mid-March. Final judging is done by a prominent writer from outside the university.

Important Note: The award alternates genres between Poetry and Creative Prose (fiction, creative non-fiction, and plays). For example, in Spring 2017, applications for the 2017-18 scholarship were taken in Creative Prose; in Spring 2018, applications, applications for the 2018-19 scholarship will be taken in Poetry.

A student who wins this scholarship is eligible to enter the contest the following year, provided that all the conditions mentioned above can be met.

The John Foster West Writing Award

This award, named for and sponsored by a well-known writer and former professor at Appalachian State University, is given to the winner of a creative writing contest held each year in the fall term. Details of this contest are published each fall, along with the deadline for submissions. Final judging is done by a prominent writer from outside the university.

Alex Tanner is the 2016-17 John Foster West Scholarship winner.

The Marian Coe Scholarship in Creative Writing

This scholarship, named for a well-known local author, is given to the winner of a creative writing contest held each year in the fall term in conjunction with the competition for the John Foster West scholarship. Details of the contest are published each fall, along with the deadline for submissions. Final judging is done by a prominent writer from outside the university.

Madelyn Kittle is the 2016-17 Marian Coe Scholarship winner.

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