Film Studies Concentration

Come explore the history and theory behind the art form! If you pursue a minor (non-majors) or a concentration (English majors) in film studies, you will engage in a critical examination of film making from the silent era to the contemporary, focusing on multiple genres in both American and foreign films.

This course of study gives you:

  • a deeper understanding of the technical development and production of film
  • a theoretical framework for analyzing storytelling tin this medium
  • the reasons why films have the ability to shape perceptions and culture
  • preparation for a career in the film industry and/or an advanced degree

The Fall 2013 Film Schedule for ENG 2170 is here.

Why Appalachian?

Check out what Megan Van Steen, Anna Barnett, and Peter Hasselberg have to say about the program

Megan Van Steen '13

Peter Hasselberg '13

Anna Barnett '13

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