Research and Publications

"Unseen Academy: John Knowles's A Separate Peace."

"Risking Reverence."

Elaine O'Quinn

"Freedom and Grace: Harriet Jacobs in England."

"'Worlds Within Worlds': North American Comics Discourse and The Jack Kirby Collector"

"'Strong Traivelling': Re-visions of Women's Subjectivity and Female Labor in the Ballad-work of Elizabeth Siddal."

“‘Come Back to the Beach Ag’in, David Honey!’: Hemingway’s Fetishization of Race in The Garden of Eden Manuscripts.”

“Literary Movements”

“Who Is ‘The Destructive Type’?: Re-reading Literary Jealousy and Destruction in The Garden of Eden”

"Mary Robinson as Playwright"

William D. Brewer

"Representations of Race and Miscegenation"

"The Departure"

Rebecca Gummere