Published Books

Voices from the Headwaters: Stories from Meat Camp, Tamarack (Pottertown) & Suth
Ed/ Patricia Beaver, Sandra Ballard, with assistant editor Brittany R. Hicks. Contributors include Donna Corriher.
Ed. Susan C. Staub
Thomas McLaughlin
Joseph Bathanti
Jill R. Ehnenn
Holly E. Martin
Edwin T. Arnold
Bruce Allen Dick
Ed. by Kathryn Kirkpatrick
Ed. Howard Giskin (and Bettye S. Walsh)
Ed. Thomas McLaughlin (and Frank Lentricchia)
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
Ed. Kristina K. Groover
Kristina K. Groover
William D. Brewer
William D. Brewer
Janet Burroway (with Susan Weinberg)
Susan C. Staub
Ed. Leon Lewis
Leon Lewis
Critical Insights: Sherman Alexie, ed. Leon Lewis.  Contributors include: Mark V
Ed. Leon Lewis. Contributors include: Mark Vogel, Tammy Wahpeconiah, and Mike Wilson.
Ed. Rosemary Horowitz
Memorial Books of Eastern European Jewry
Ed. Rosemary Horowitz
Psalms in the Early Modern World Edited by Linda Phyllis Austern, Kari Boyd McBr
Eds. David L. Orvis, Linda Phyllis Austen, and Kari Boyd McBride
Girls' Literacy Experiences In and Out of School: Learning and Composing Gendere
Edited by Elaine O'Quinn