Animals in Irish Literature and Culture

Animals in Irish Literature and Culture book cover
Co-Ed. Kathryn Kirkpatrick (with Borbála Faragó)
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"Animals in Irish Literature and Culture spans the early modern period to the present, and includes essays exploring some of Ireland's better known animals—birds, horses, pigs, cows, and dogs—as well as its less considered animals—hares, foxes, eels, and insects. The collection also unsettles the boundaries and definitions of 'nation' by exploring colonial, post-colonial, and globalized manifestations of Ireland as country and state as well as the human animal and non-human animal migrations that challenge a variety of literal and cultural borders. In essays addressing a range of Irish cultural production, contributors consider the impacts of conceptual categories of nature, animality, and humanness on actual human and animal lives. Emerging in the era of the sixth mass extinction, brought on by human-induced climate change and habitat destruction, this volume aims to make a contribution to eco-critical thought and practice in Irish Studies and beyond."