Most Helpful Faculty & Staff

Congratulations to our faculty that have been selected as the most helpful by our first-year and transfer students! 

We congratulate the following:

  • Arron Ballance

  • Alison Gulley

  • Anna Muenchrath

  • Audrey Fessler

  • Benjamin Good

  • Benjamin Morris

  • Bethany Mannon

  • Bruce Dick

  • Caleb Johnson

  • Corrina Percy

  • Craig Fischer

  • Dwight Tanner

  • Emily Auman

  • James Ivory

  • Jessica Blackburn

  • Jill Ehnenn

  • Joseph Bathanti

  • Katherine Abrams

  • Kyle Stevens

  • Leslie Cook

  • Lorraine Harris

  • Meg Ruggerio

  • Michael Measel

  • Miles Britton

  • Peaches Hash

  • Ruth Ann Marotta

  • Sarah Davis

  • Savannah Murray

  • Vicki LeQuire

  • Wes Saylors

According to these students, these faculty and staff members were the most helpful to them as they began their careers at Appalachian State University. The English Department thanks you for all of your hard work and effort. It has proved invaluable to these students and we wish to recognize this amazing achievement! 

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of our students.

List of all of the most helpful faculty and staff for 2021-2022
Published: Mar 4, 2022 10:28am