An Invitation to Black History Month Concerts and Poetry Readings

The Department of English and the Hayes School of Music invite you to the Black History Month Concert and Poetry Readings starting on February 14th starting at 4 pm!

This first concert and poetry readings will mark the beginning of a continuing series surrounding a wide range of music and literature from various eras and locations with a central theme of expressing diverse voices.

There is sure to be something for everyone at this event! Whether you like the quick ragtime of the 1890s or original poetry by current App State students, this event caters to unique perspectives and will have everything in between. With the works of seventeen composers and fourteen poets being presented, the organizers hope that you will find something to hold onto even after the end of the concerts and this particular Black History Month.

The organizers' goal is that not only do you enjoy the music and poetry but also find meaning within the context of their authors and the messages behind the entertainment value. With the works of notable artists such as Langston Hughes, Ted Joans, Betty Jackson King, Haki Madhubti, and Arthur Herzog Jr. being presented they wish to feature different tastes and interests within both music and poetry. The organizers aim to make space in their concert series to feature black composers and poets in Black History Month.

More information on this event (including the itinerary and performers) along with further information about future concerts and readings throughout February can be found here.

Written by: Daniel Wartham
Image credit: Melissa Lesbines

Published: Feb 10, 2021 9:43pm