HON 3515: Human Rights and Reconciliation/GLS 4100: Borders and Walls

HON 3515: Human Rights and Reconciliation/GLS 4100: Borders and Walls

Fall 2022

T/TH 9:30-10:45

Title: Human Rights and Post-Conflict Reconciliation/Borders and Walls

Dr. Belinda Walzer  (walzerbl@appstate.edu)/Dr. Jessica Martell (martelljl@appstate.edu)


In Fall 2022, two new course offerings will explore conflict, truth, & reconciliation in Northern Ireland, South Africa and the US. Depending on their needs, students can register for either: GLS 4100: Borders & Walls w/Dr. Jessica Martell or HON 3515: Human Rights & Post-Conflict Reconciliation w/Dr. Belinda Walzer Please visit our collaborative course website for detailed descriptions. While each class takes a slightly different angle, both sections will meet together regularly so Drs. Walzer and Martell can team up and cover a wide range of topics. As one group, HON 3515 and GLS 4100 will examine emblematic global conflicts from multiple disciplinary perspectives that traditional classes with one professor may not be able to achieve as effectively. Students are invited to think critically about conflicts and debates that have no easy sides, answers, or even shared stories, gaining tangible skills in peace building that are valuable in today's divided social landscape. The best part is that in December, enrolled students will have the option to come on a 10-day trip with us to Belfast and (London)Derry, Northern Ireland U.K. for 1.0 credit hours. This trip is eligible to count towards study abroad requirements for both Honors and GLS students. We will tour the peace walls and sectarian neighborhoods of these cities, visit community centers that do grassroots reconciliation work, and also have two days in Dublin at the end to have some fun!


Flyer for HON 3515 and GLS 4100
Published: Mar 28, 2022 7:43pm