General Graduate Program News and Announcements

Important Dates

Student Research/Travel Funding: 
* GSAS -- September 14, November 2, February 1, March 1
* Cratis Williams -- September 15, February 15
* Other OSR -- varies

More info:

Graduation Applications for Fall 2012 Degree-seeking Grad Students:
The deadline to receive the complete, paid application for a graduating with a graduate degree this December is the last working day of September (28th).  The (paper) form is available on the grad school website.  NEW THIS YEAR!  There is now an online graduation application!  It is accessed by registered students through Appalnet: 

Student tab -- Student Records Link -- Apply to Graduate Link

Students who apply this way will be billed the graduation fee to their student accounts... No paper - no need to mail a check or money order (True for undergrads, too.) 


Friday, September 28: Final Mini-essays due

Friday, October 5 by 5 PM: Final date to notify DGS of intention to take exams this semester

Saturday, November 3, 9 AM-Tuesday, November 6, 9 AM: MA Exams on AsULearn


Open Positions (Not in English)

Anthropology is looking for GAs to assist faculty with research/grading.
The Humanities Council is looking for a 10 hour GA.
OIED is looking for several short-term GAs.
The National Center for Developmental Ed is looking for a 10 hour GA.

For additional information, check here:


March 10: deadline for enrolled students to apply for 2012-13 provost fellowships (note that we are not sure we will have funding)
March 10: deadline for new applications for summer and fall in order to be considered for 2012-13 Chancellor's Fellowships (which we do have for next year)

Cratis Williams Research Grants: Deadline for proposal submission to Office of Student Research is Feb. 15

GSAS Research and Travel Grants: Deadlines for proposal submission to Office of Student Research: Feb 3, March 2, Apr 6 (April 6 is for reallocation of unspent funds and so there may not be funds available)

Published: May 21, 2013 2:17pm