English 2170 – Introduction To Film – Leon Lewis

Fall, 2023  

English 2170 – Introduction To Film –Leon Lewis

In Person and On Screen

Introduction To Film is the foundational course of the Film Program.

“Movies have everything,” as Jodie Foster accurately expresses it, and this class will cover the full range of the cinematic experience, from the earliest days of the Silent era to the latest releases during the semester that the class is conducted. The most prominent genres of film- the romantic comedy, the Western epic, the life of the outlaw, the construction of the hero, the domestic drama….and more…..will be featured in the films that cover the technical elements of the medium, the mysteries of effective acting, and the allure of all  the other “worlds” that appear on screen. The specific schedule for the films under consideration will be devised in consort with the social and cultural issues that most engage the prospective student/viewer.

English 2170 – Introduction To Film – Leon Lewis flyer
Published: May 2, 2023 8:34am