ENG 5535: Electronic Literature and Digital Writing

How do digital media technologies shape writing? What happens when writers engage the artistic potential of digital media to produce literary works that were unimaginable in the print world?

This course explores the electronic literature tradition, from its artistic and literary antecedents in the print world to the new genres of digital writing that emerged since the advent of the digital computer. Curious about electronic literature? Check out my TEDx Talk.

This course will be offered in the First Summer Session as a 100% online, mostly asynchronous course, with 1-2 meetings per week, from 6-8 pm on weeknights. It will count as an American literature course, though it will draw from work  from around the world. Taught with ❤️ by Leonardo Flores.

Here's a link to the video version of the flyer:

The work depicted is "The World Was White" by Jason Edward Lewis and Bruno Nadeau.

Flyer for ENG 5535: Electronic Literature and Digital Writing
Published: Mar 15, 2022 10:09am