ENG 5448: Resistance and Black Masculinities with Dr. Alonzo Smith

Course Description

Ever wondered what strategies Black men deployed in early and nineteenth-century America to resist anti-Blackness, to construct their subjectivity, and to recreate their identity in light of slavery, widespread subjugation, and hegemony? Then, this is the course for you. ENG 5548: Resistance and Black Masculinity explores the manifold ways that Black male authors and thinkers reimagined agency and conceptualized masculinities to animate protestations and undermine injurious institutions and institutionalized logics. Redefining Black masculinities, which involves moving him from a position of objectivity to subjectivity, is essential to unlocking new understandings of Black identity.

Course Information

  • Course: ENG 5548- Resistance and Black Masculinities
  • Professor- Dr. Alonzo Smith
  • Offered- Asynchronous online
  • Semester- Fall 2024

ENG 5448

ENG 5448 Resistance and Black Masculinities
Published: Mar 28, 2024 11:04pm