ENG 4825 (Summer Course): The Middle Ages In Popular Culture

ENG 4825 

Summer 2022

Title: The Middle Ages In Popular Culture

Dr. Alison Gulley (gulleyea@appstate.edu)


The modern use of the medieval can range from the seemingly innocuous pop culture of Disney animated princess films, Harry Potter, and Beowulf comics to the dangerous appropriations by the KKK or alt-right movements that we saw in the Charlottesville protests in August, 2017. In our study of the medieval world as it appears in media including books, film, and television, we’ll use a cultural studies lens to consider how and why these forms take up and refract the earlier historical moments to which they refer.

Note: ENG 4825 can be taken more than once as long as the topic is different.

Poster for English 4825
Published: Mar 16, 2022 3:26pm