ENG 4825: Medieval Monsters and Magical Creatures

ENG 4825 (Capstone 4826)

Fall 2022

Title: Medieval Monsters and Magical Creatures

Dr. Alison Gulley (gulleyea@appstate.edu)


Monsters have fascinated readers and writers for centuries, inspiring fear, awe, desire, and disgust. While today they are often relegated to horror and fantasy genres, in the Middle Ages monsters appear in all kinds of texts. We’ll be reading travelogues, stories about saints, romances, natural history, theology, and beyond — a diversity reflective of the interdisciplinarity of medieval studies and the wide range of literatures from this period. Through a careful study of primary texts and current monster theory, we’ll analyze the making of the monstrous in the high to late Middle Ages, and its role in creating and transforming ideas about cultural, racial, religious, sexual, and gender difference. 

Poster for English 4825
Published: Mar 15, 2022 1:32pm