ENG 4530: Rhetorics of Resistance

Registration for spring 2020 is right around the corner, and with numerous courses being offered, the choice of which ones to take can be difficult. Make the decision easier by signing up for “Rhetorics of Race and Resistance”, a course created and taught by Dr. Belinda Walzer. ENG 4530 is a refreshingly unique blend of rhetoric and human rights studies, providing opportunity for rhetorical analysis through poetry, memoirs, fiction and even graphic novels. Rhetoric is seen as the art of persuasion, which provides the perfect platform for resistance.This curriculum will take a look at how truth to power can come from the voices of the oppressed, even in some impossible situations. Resistance through literature holds the ability to offer necessary change, and in studying such a topic, it spotlights awareness that is desperately needed in our current society.

Dr. Walzer’s background in rhetoric and human rights research brings an edge to this course that allows for an in depth study of resistance literature, backed by first hand experience. Dr. Walzer finds significance in the influence of modern media and has directed this course in a contemporary direction, choosing texts that have mostly been written in the last 20 years. Students that take this course can expect to gain knowledge of what rhetoric means, therefore a prior understanding of the topic is not necessary before beginning the class. This class is designed to be a seminar based learning environment, so inclusiveness and interaction is key. “Rhetorics of Resistance” can be considered equally a cultural and literary studies class, making it a perfect fit for any student interested in these topics, no matter what major.

Flyer for  ENG 4530: Rhetorics of Resistance
Published: Oct 21, 2019 3:05pm