Congratulations to Our Creative Writing Scholarship Winners!

The English Department congratulates the Fall 2022 Creative Writing scholarship recipients!

The scholarships announced included submissions in poetry and creative prose (short fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, and dramatic writing). For poetry submissions, applicants were to submit four pieces for review. As for creative prose submissions, applicants were required to submit short fiction, memoir or creative nonfiction, or the script of a complete play or screenplay for review.

Our winners are:

  • Lydia Blanton for the Marjorie South Idol Prize for Fiction scholarship,
  • Sarah Teague for both the Marion Coe Prize in CW and Marjorie South Idol Prize for Poetry,
  • Sophie Wells for the John Foster West Endowed CW Prize, and
  • Daniel Ham for the Rogers and Janice Whitener Scholarship for Creative Writing.

Most of these scholarships were open for all English majors of any concentration (Marian Coe Scholarship in Creative Writing, Marjorie South Idol Prize for Fiction and Creative Prose Income, and Marjorie South Idol Prize for Poetry Income), and the John Foster West Endowed Creative Writing Prize was open to all majors.

Our Creative Writing Director, Mark Powell, offers a few words on behalf of the awardees:

What a pleasure it is to be part of such a brilliant and vibrant writing community. The CW faculty thanks everyone who entered. Thank you, too, for your patience as we awaited results.

Great work, everyone! And be prepared for the Spring 2023 Creative Writing Scholarship competitions, which will be announced soon.

Read also the College of Arts and Sciences article on our scholarship recipients.

Written by Tyler McDonald

Image Credit: DALL-E 2 with a prompt from Leo Flores

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Published: Feb 1, 2023 2:48pm