Congratulations to Germán Campos-Muñoz and Chris Meade on the poetry prize! Thanks to Mark Powell and Kathryn Kirkpatrick for their CMR work!

Congratulations to Germán and Chris on the poetry prize!  And many thanks to Mark Powell for stepping up to take on the editorship of CMR!

I want to thank Kathryn for her simply amazing work at CMR over the past three years.  The transformations at CMR, which Kathryn describes so well in her email, have expanded the reach of the journal, while making it so much stronger and more sustainable.  I've seen some of the hard work that went into this over the years, and I can't say enough about the fine work Kathryn has done.  Cold Mountain Review is a thing of beauty and something we can all be proud of.  Many thanks to everyone who helped Kathryn with this, and I look forward to seeing the journal continue to develop under Mark's new leadership!


Published: Jun 19, 2018 11:11am