College of Arts and Sciences Senior Awards for English

Every year, the College of Arts and Sciences offers the Senior Award to the top students nominated by each department. This year, in consultation with the Undergraduate Studies Committee, the English Department decided to award two seniors with the highest GPA in each one of our specializations/programs.

Creative Writing: Zoe D. Benfield and Alexis V. Staggs

English Education: Candace  O. Myers and Krystal C. Young

Literary Studies: Olivia M. Reich and Dylan A. Cox

Film Studies: Jessica B. Brutis and Chloë T. Womble 

Professional Writing: Rachael A. Kelley and Noah H. Williams

Our Department Chair, Dr. Leonardo Flores, went on to commend these exceptional students by saying, 

“I knew from your outstanding GPAs that you were great students. But when I reached out to the faculty for comments, I was moved by all the kind and impressive things they had to say about every single one of you. We are all so proud of you!” 

Written by: Daniel Wartham

Photo Credits: Appalachian State University’s College of Arts and Sciences 

College of Arts and Sciences
Published: Apr 21, 2021 12:13pm