Book Publication Party: Resounding Success

There was an exciting celebration here at Sandford Hall on Wednesday for some of our professors and their publications!

Organized by Heather Custer and Zackary Vernon, this party was complete with lunch, drinks, and even cupcakes. Hosted by Alexander Pitofsky, this party allowed Joseph Bathanti, William D. Brewer, Germán Campos-Muñoz, Leo Flores, Kristina K. Groover, Leon Lewis, Clarice M. Moran, Elaine J. O'Quinn, Mark Powell, Zackary Vernon, Matthew Wimberley, and Thom Young to present, discuss, and read from their most recent publications. They are all great publications with stand outs such as Firebird, The World As It Goes: A Comedy, John Alton: Essays on the Cinematographer’s Art and Craft, and Women Holding Up the World. Colleagues, friends of the department, and family got to hear various selections and were able to talk more about the works with the authors after the presentations. Books could even be purchased through a display provided by Foggy Pine Books.

Overall, it was a phenomenal event with lots of praise for the authors and a wonderful time to come together and celebrate new work being put out in the department. Heather Custer even went on to declare that,

"The book publication party -- an annual tradition temporarily paused by the pandemic -- was such a success by so many measures. Turnout exceeded that of the department's last book party in 2019 and included the administrative presence of Interim Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Donna Lillian, and the Provost, Dr. Heather Norris. As someone who has always loved being read to, I found it delightful to settle in for a couple hours on a winter's afternoon to listen to my incredibly talented colleagues read poems, excerpts of novels and plays -- even a personal letter -- and talk about their projects and the process of bringing them to publication."

A collection of books displayed on a table with a black tablecloth
Published: Feb 11, 2022 10:09am