2022-2023 Scholarship Winners!

We are excited to announce the complete list of  our department's scholarship winners for the years 2022-2023!

Mary Willis Shores Memorial Scholarship in English:
Savannah Fortlage
Maci Jones

Mary Montgomery Dunlap Scholarship in English:
Allison Hoffart

Loyd Hilton Endowed Award for Excellence in English:
Zoe Benfield

Kate Peterson Scholarship for English:
Josh Burleson
Alayna Nicol
Elle Smith
Laramie Ward
Zoe Benfield

Jeni Gray Memorial Endowed Scholarship in English:
Gabrielle Troutman

Graydon and Daisy Eggers English Scholarship Endowment:
Jessie Gada
Hannah Hollifield

Ella Thompson Hobbs Endowed Scholarship for English Majors:
Emma Deal
Brittany Helms
Karly McChesney
Alayna Nicol
Ethan Riggan

Dr. Rosemary Horowitz Memorial Scholarship in English:
Caroline Kuhn

Dr. Hans G. Heymann Scholarship for English "Honors" Students:
Pruett Norris

Department of English Endowed Scholarship:
Grace Underwood

Cratis D. Williams Memorial Scholarship in English Endowment:
Hannah Hollifield

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Published: Apr 21, 2022 11:37pm