Kate Birgel


English 1000
English 2001


  • MFA
  • BA

Selected Publications:

Facing the Green Monster

Novel Synopsis: There is one young man in Burlington, Vermont, who may be scared of the water, and his parents may have ironically named him Noah, but he is one mean guitar player, quick of wit, strong-hearted, and ready to face what the world hurls at him. Young adults will fall in love with Noah's foibles and verbal fisticuffs as he joins ranks with high-spirited sleuth Lili Suregaard. Whether you are a teacher looking for a new novel that is relevant to today's student, a parent looking for a book that will rekindle your child's interest in reading, or an individual in Noah's place: awaiting a loved one's departure or arrival from military service overseas, this novel is for you. You too will believe that the magical and impossible even friendship amongst siblings are still possible in today's world. If a 50-foot long, baby-soft, green-skinned creature dubbed Champ has existed in Lake Champlain since its first 1919 sighting, and it is still being seen all these years later, anything is possible.

Title: Senior Lecturer
Department: Department of English

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