Holly Martin

Academic Specialty:

Ethnic Literature of the United States


  • Ph.D., Emory University

Selected Publications:

  • "Stereotypes Collide: Machismo and Marianismo in Roosters , a film directed by Robert Young." edited by Leon Lewis.
  • "The Sojourner Tradition in Yan Zhen's White Snow, Red Dust ." Kui Xing: the Journal of Asian/Diasporic and Aboriginal Literature.
  • "David Henry Hwang." In Contexts and Cultures: A Guidebook for Asian American Literature . Eds. Noelle Williams and Rowena Tomaneng Matsunari. Louisiana State University Press. (article accepted for the volume; volume under review)

Holly E. Martin received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Emory University May of 2002. In the fall of 2002, she joined the English Department faculty at Appalachian State University. Her research interests center on ethnic literature of the United States, particularly Chicano/a, Chinese American and Native American literatures. She has proficiency in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and has worked with U.S. literature written in these languages. She also serves as a reviewer for Kui Xing: the Journal of Asian/Diasporic and Aboriginal Literature. Her current research projects include an article on multilingual literature in the U.S., an article on landscape and multicultural identity and a book tentatively titled Betwixt and Between: Multiple Perspectives in Ethnic Literature of the United States.

Title: Professor Emeritus
Department: Department of English

Email address: Email me