Literary Studies Concentration

Literature forms the foundation of an education in English. The English Department at Appalachian State offers courses in British, American and World Literatures, and also includes courses in Ethnic, Postcolonial, Appalachian, Adolescent and other specialized areas of literature at the undergraduate and Master's degree levels. At the undergraduate level, the department offers courses designed for majors and non-majors. English majors often choose to focus on literature, but literature also serves as the core of concentrations available in the English Department, such as Film Studies, Creative Writing, Professional Writing, and English Education.

Students of literature learn to carefully read, analyze and interpret texts; to examine occurrences within a cultural context; and to express and defend their opinions in discussions and through writing well-constructed essays. But, above all, students of literature learn to think creatively and to realize that often there is more than one possible answer, and that hardly any answer is simple. In a world that changes minute by minute, and every event is followed by a multitude of viewpoints, learning to analyze, interpret and think creatively will serve a person well in any profession. Come and think for yourself.

Literary Studies Concentration Checksheet (link to checksheets page)

Resource for the BA English major interested in applying to graduate/professional school:

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