Georgia Rhoades

307 Sanford
By appointment
Ph. D., University of Louisville

Academic Specialty

Rhetoric and Composition Theory; Women's Studies; Irish Women's Prose

Georgia Rhoades has taught at the University of Louisville, where she was associate director of composition, and is currently coordinator of the composition program at Appalachian. She mentors graduate students who teach in the composition program and teaches courses in rhetoric and composition studies. At ASU she has often taught women's and Irish literature, taking students to England and Ireland for the study abroad program. As a founding member of Black Sheep Theatre, she has performed in her own plays in Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, and the U.S.; she also teaches writing for performance in summer institutes at The Playhouse in Derry, N. Ireland, and the Appalachian Writing Project in North Carolina.

Selected Publications


  • "Witchwork," "Waterwoman," "Treehome," and [with Dennis J. Bohr] "Old, Out-of-Step Antiwar Peacenik Hippies" and "Irish Stew"


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