Dr. Jill R Ehnenn

Academic Specialty:

Victorian Literature and Culture, Queer Theory/LGBT Studies


ENG 2020.102 British Literature since 1789 (TR 3:30-4:45)

ENG 4880/4881 Literature of the Victorian Period:The Return of King Arthur and Other Victorian Medievalisms (TR 12:30-1:45)

GWS 3600 LGBT Studies Seminar: Lesbian Literature (MW 2-3:15)

Office Hours:

TR 1:45-3:30, by email, and by appointment


  • Ph.D., English. The George Washington University
  • M.A., English. Northwestern University
  • B.A., Natural Sciences. The Johns Hopkins University

Selected Publications:


  • Women's Literary Collaboration, Queerness, and Late-Victorian Culture. (Ashgate, 2008).
  • Michael Field's Revisionary Poetics. (under contract with Edinburgh UP)


  • Guest editor and "Preface." Special issue on "Natural and Unnatural Histories." Nineteenth-Century Contexts, 38.5 (2016).

Articles and Book Chapters

  • "Haptic Ekphrasis: From Sympathy to Einfühlung" (Under review)
  • "'Thy Body Maketh a Solemn Song': Desire and Disability in Michael Field's Catholic Poems" in Michael Field, Decadent Moderns. eds. Sarah Parker and Ana Vadillo, Ohio University Press. Forthcoming, 2019.
  • "Sexuality." The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Women's Poetry. Ed. Linda K. Hughes. Cambridge UP, 2019. pp. 213-229.
  • (Reprint). "Reorienting the Bildungsroman: Progress Narratives, Queerness, and Disability in The History of Sir Richard Calmady and Jude the Obscure." in Lucas Malet, Dissident Pilgrim: Critical Essays eds. Jane Ford and Alexandra Gray. Among the Victorianists and Modernists series, Routledge, 2019. pp.147-164. 
  • "From 'We Other Victorians' to 'Pussy Grabs Back': Thinking Gender, Thinking Sex, and Feminist Methodological Futures in Victorian Studies Today." Victorian Literature and Culture. Vol. 47.1 (2019): 35-62.
  • "On Art Objects and Women's Words: Ekphrasis in Vernon Lee (1887), Graham R. Tomson (1889), and Michael Field (1892). BRANCH: Britain, Representation, and the Nineteenth Century. ed. Dino Felluga. October, 2017.
  • "Reorienting the Bildungsroman: Progress Narratives, Queerness, and Disability in The History of Sir Richard Calmady and Jude the Obscure." Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies. 11.2 (2017): 151-168. 
  • “‘Our Brains Struck Fire Each from Each’: Disidentification, Difference, and Desire in the Collaborative Aesthetics of Michael Field.” in Economies of Desire at the Victorian Fin de Siècle: Libidinal Lives. Eds. Jane Ford, Kim Edwards Keates, and Patricia Pulham. New York and London: Routledge, 2015. pp. 180-203.
  • "'Strong Traivelling': Re-visions of Women's Subjectivity and Female Labor in the Ballad-work of Elizabeth Siddal." Victorian Poetry 52.2 (Summer 2014):251-276.
  • "Queering Harry Potter" in Queer Popular Culture: Literature, Media, Film and Television. 2nd ed. Ed.Thomas Peele. Palgrave, 2011. pp. 229-256.
  • "'Dragging at Memory's Fetter': Michael Field's Personal Elegies, Victorian Mourning, and the Problem of Whym Chow." The Michaelian 1 (June, 2009).
  • "Looking Strategically: Feminist and Queer Aesthetics in Michael Field's Sight and Song." Victorian Poetry. 42.3 (Fall 2004):213-259.
  • "Writing Against, Writing Through: Subjectivity, Vocation and Authorship in the Work of Dorothy Wordsworth." South Atlantic Review. 64.1 (1999): 72-90.
  • "Desperately Seeking Susan Among the Trash: Reinscription, Subversion and Visibility in the Lesbian Romance Novel." Atlantis. special issue on "Sexualities and Feminisms." 23.1 (1998): 120-127.
  • "'An Attractive Dramatic Exhibition?': Female Friendship, Shakespeare's Women, and Female Performativity in 19th-Century Britain." Women's Studies. 26 (1997): 315-341.

Encyclopedia essays and Book reviews

  • Rev. of Second Person Singular: Late Victorian Women Poets and the Bonds of Verse" by Emily Harrington. Review 19, September 2017.
  • “Hannah Cullwick and Arthur Munby.” Blackwell Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature. Dino Franco Felluga, Pamela K. Gilbert and Linda K. Hughes, eds. Chichester, West Sussex, UK ; Malden, MA : John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2015.
  • “Come to me.” Rev. of The Fowl and the Pussycat: Love Letters of Michael Field, 1876-1909 ed. by Sharon Bickle. Women’s Review of Books 27.5: (September/October2010): 32-34. 
  • “Homosexuality.” Companion to the British Short Story. Ed. Andrew Maunder. New York: Facts on File, 2007. 189-190.

Digital Projects

  • Lead editor, the 1911 volume of the online Michael Field Diary Transcription project. Victorian Lives and Letters Consortium. (Center for Digital Humanities, University of South Carolina) http://tundra.csd.sc.edu/vllc/field. Eds. Marion Thain and Ana Vadillo. In progress.
  • “Statement on Authorship.” White paper on Evaluating the Digital Humanities co-authored with Ann Ardis, Laurel Brake, Cristina Della Coletta, Regenia Gagnier, Daniel Radcliffe, and Nancy Workman. NEH/NINES, 2011. http://institutes.nines.org/docs/2011-documents/statement-on-authorship/

Jill Ehnenn joined Appalachian State University's English department in 2001, is a member of the Graduate Faculty, and affiliate of the Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies Program. Recent seminars on Victorian Literature have been The Bildungsroman, Sexual Politics and Victorian Culture; The British Aesthetic Movement; The Victorian Visual Imagination; and Victorian Women's Poetry. Other courses include Gender Studies: Queer Theories and Feminisms; Intro to Lesbian and Gay Studies; and Queer Stories: LGBT Lives in Fiction and Film.

Her research interests focus upon intersections of subjectivity, sexuality, and embodiment as they are represented in nineteenth-century literary and visual texts. Current projects include continued  work on the two late-Victorian women who wrote collaboratively under the pseudonym "Michael Field," and editing a scholarly edition of Vernon Lee's 1884 novel, Miss Brown. Future book projects on nineteenth-century topics include Forms of Embodiment: Disability, Sexuality, and Nineteenth-Century Literary Form, and Art Objects and Women's Words: Victorian Women Writing Ekphrasis. Work-in-progress on contemporary queer issues include an article on queerness and choice. In 2016, she was the lead organizer for the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS) Conference, "Natural and Unnatural Histories," hosted by Appalachian and held in Asheville, NC.

Title: Professor and Assistant Chair
Department: Department of English

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